Get Uniquely Designed Braces and Supports from Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services Ltd

Get Uniquely Designed Braces and Supports from Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services Ltd

Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality knee braces, orthotics and prosthetics at competitive prices. The company holds an impressive record in manufacturing premier products since 1988 and serving in Southern Alberta. They utilize the latest computer technology such as CAD-CAM which helps to capture the 3D image of product’s design. This is helpful to create prefect orthotics for feet and knee braces. This is also known as Tracer Cad technology which is widely used to create comfortable and custom-made devices and products. All their products help patients to get rid of severe pain and allow them to move without having any discomfort.

Their administrative team of qualified professionals strives harder to design products with great functionality that improves patient’s quality of life. By using devices such as Amfit Digitizer, Omega Scanner, Tracers and CAD/CAM Carvers, they can design state of the art Amfit orthotics and related products. These can even reduce stress in back, feet and lower limbs. All their braces and supports are available for RODEO elbow brace, upper extremity and lower extremity.

Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services Ltd is also specialized in providing pediatric bracing and supports. Their pediatric team is dedicated to manufacture products for children and even infants. These braces are fabricated with such an innovative approach and unique model that fulfill every child’s specific needs and provide them safety while walking and playing. Also, they offer Plagiocephaly helmet that is beneficial to keep head of the infants more symmetrical.

Wearing Knee braces and supports are the most effective alternative ways to get rid of inflammation pain and save dollars over knee replacement and surgeries associated with it. These can even help restore knee mobility and correct knee alignments. Apart from this, they provide comprehensive range of services with sports orthotics to young athletes and prevent them from scoliosis and Plagiocephaly.

Thus, whether you are looking for the best orthotics, prosthetics or osteoarthritis knee brace, Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services Ltd. is a name you can rely on. Their team of pediatrics and health care professionals endeavors the best services and products possible to exceed all their client’s expectations.

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