Choose Sell And Stay, For a Stress-Free Life Post Retirement

Choose Sell And Stay, For a Stress-Free Life Post Retirement

Sell and Stay is the most trusted Australian company which offers an opportunity to retired homeowners to use their home as an alternative source of income. With their sale house and rent back scheme, a retiree can receive proper payments under a specific lease agreement period. They can stay in their own home even after put their home on sale. The whole process is estimated on the true housing value in the market place and the overall fund is given to the home owner. A retiree can also have opportunity to leave their home within their agreement period without compromising the regular ongoing payments they receive.

Sell and Stay is the best option for retirees to rely on and avoid the situation of relocating elsewhere after selling their home. These sell and Stay program can help to overcome from the financial burden and stress. Selling house privately through their scheme canalso help homeowners to enjoy their after retirement period with the ease and peace. But to get benefit with their sell house and rent back scheme, a homeowner should qualify the following eligibility criteria which include:

  • He/she should be a retiree.
  • He/she should be of at least 70 years old.
  • Capable to sell their own home legally and keen to stay in the same.

If one can qualify the above mentioned criteria then Sell and Stay program can assist them to live at the same residence in a economically sound way. One can get rid of the headache of working even after their retirement to support livelihood.

As selling a home is both emotional and financial decision of life. This is the place where everyone has spent their entire life and has seen all the ups and downs of life. That is why selling this place and live anywhere else is not so easy. In such scenario, using the scheme offered by Sell and Stay can support you both financially and emotionally. The team of Sell and Stay also allows you to deal with reverse mortgage Australia in the best possible manner. If you have any query regarding your eligibility or their scheme then the team of Sell and Stay can respond you in a professional manner.

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